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How to Begin:

    Step 1: Idea Generation
  • Gather your thoughts about;
  • What product or service you want to promote.
  • What will your offer or announcement line state, big and bold.
  • What do you want the customer to do; “Call Today”, “Visit our Web Site”, etc...
  • What message will best describe this product or service, keep it simple and short.
  • What photos will be used; visual content is a major plus in direct mail marketing since the potential customer can evaluate your message quicker than reading text.

    Step 2: Postcard Artwork Creation.
  • You have many options here.
  • You can hire a graphic artist.
  • You can do it yourself with products like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Corel, etc. if you are proficient with a computer.
  • You can use one of Chicagoland Direct Inc. templates for FREE, See My Projects.
  • You can contact Chicagoland Direct Inc to modify any one of our templates to your needs for a small fee.

    Step 3: Create or Purchase a Mailing List.
  • Create a list of current and/or past clients since they know your company and are easier to sell to and get referrals from.
  • Purchasing a list of potential customers does take some thought since there are many types of list. The basic three list types are Consumer, Business and Resident.
        A Consumer list is compiled names and addresses of consumers that have made purchases from different companies.
        A Business list is compiled mostly from Yellow Pages, Industry Magazine subscriptions and purchases from other businesses.
        A Resident lists is based on physical deliverable USPS addresses which are identified by single family, multiple residents (Apartments & Condos), Business and PO Boxes.
        Each list type have different selection information you can base your search on. These selections all start with a geographical selection and can progress into much detail.
        Call Chicagoland Direct Inc. for your mailing list needs.

    Step 4: Create an account at Chicagoland Direct Inc. HERE

    Step 5: Upload your items to site.

    Step 6: Place your order.

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